What We Do


To build a strong and sustainable network of Asian and Pacific Islanders Americans (APIA)professionals that contribute to the social, economic, and civic advancement in Long Beach.

LB API Hertiage Month


1. Leadership and Professional Development  

  • Connect the expertise and knowledge of leaders and professionals.

2. Education

  • Cultural Awareness and Exchange – Increase the knowledge and awareness of the diverse APIA communities history and contribution to Long Beach.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding on issues impacting the APIA communities in Long Beach including but not limited to health, education, housing, etc.

3. Community Services

  • Provide people with the opportunities to volunteer and serve their community and city.

4. Advocacy

  • Organize opportunities to engage the APIAcommunities in civic activity and/or advocacy.


To accomplish these goals, we use four strategies:

1. Inform and Educate

  • Collect and compile information about the APIA community in Long Beach
  • Disseminate the information about the APIA community in Long Beach

2. Connect and Build

  • Create opportunities for people to connect to expand their network to work, learn, and socialize.

3. Advocate

  • Advocates for the inclusion of AAPI voices regarding issues and investments that are critical to our communities in Long Beach.

4. Action

  • Create opportunities to get active and take action together to maximize our impact to support AAPI businesses, organizations, issues, and causes.
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